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Solar is not only a free energy resource, but it is also the most environment-friendly energy solution currently available from the power of the SUN.

Solar power solutions are also now made easier to acquire, with more and more solar kits becoming available in the local market. These kits can readily be used in homes and commercial establishments in major urban locations to mitigate the rising cost of electricity and to reduce operating expenses

Why We Promote Solar Power?

  • Solar power creates an energy-secure Philippines -Harnessing solar power is one way to decrease dependence on the increasing and volatile prices of fossil fuels.
  • The bulk of the country's supply of crude and finished petroleum products come from the Middle East. As seen in the past, conflicts in various parts of the Middle East adversely affect local fuel prices. Dwindling oil supply even threaten economic stability as huge oil demand from countries like China, India, and theUnited States siphon the bulk of oil reserves.
  • Solar is the most environment-friendly power source -Solar is not only a free energy resource, but it is also the most environment-friendly energy solution.
  • Solar helps reduce GHG emissions - The increased use of solar will help alleviate the harmful health effects of fossil fuel use and mitigate oneof the causes of climate change.
  • Solar is the future, now - Let us capitalize on our country's innate advantages on the solar front. Solar is the future, and the future is NOW.

Why we promote LED Lighting.

There is an LED lighting revolution going on in the Philippines. Our promise is to offer you great LED lighting products at unbeatable prices with good old fashion customer service. When you shop with Celestial we know you will love our lights and tell others about us. After four years of research globally we know LED Lights inside out and we can help you benefit from the incredible savings available.

LED lighting is fast becoming the lighting solution that all the major hotels, shopping centres and office buildings are looking for. With LED lights you can save up to 75% on your electricity consumption compared to the out dated halogen lamps and fluorescent tubes.

LED lights vary in quality and price - this being the case, the team at Celestial  have sourced one of the highest quality products available on the market.

The brand we promote is used widely throughout the Australian Government’s Energy Saving & Carbon Reduction Schemes due to its long life and high standards of quality. These products needed to pass extensive testing and scrutiny to satisfy the Australian Scheme Administrators of the quality in order to become an accredited product for use within the schemes.

With a lifetime of 50,000 hours, the products can deliver 13+ years of energy savings to the consumer and often pay for themselves within the first year.

Contact us now for a free assessment and we will show you how you can save!

"Clean Energy as it was destined to be.....SOLAR"

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